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Dating violence prevention, top student trends, and more

January 31, 2024 10:57 AM | Anonymous

Hey Digital Change Makers,

With so many new trends and challenges popping up on social media, it can be overwhelming to keep up with everything your students are engaging with online. This month’s email update has all you need to keep up-to-date on top social media crazes and what to keep your eye out for online.

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Feel free to copy and paste the above paragraph into your newsletter to spread the word! Now, let’s dive into some of the top trends your students are talking about today.

What’s Hot 

Top Platform/App: Yubo

Nicknamed “Tinder for Teens,” Yubo was designed to help preteens and teens make friends online. Users can exchange messages and video chat after “swiping right” on each other. 

Hit Soundtrack: “Made for Me” by Muni Long

This R&B song that has been trending on TikTok for a month is about finding the person that completes and understands you.

Viral Challenge Alert: “Made for Me Challenge”

Muni Long, a popular R&B artist, recently sang her new song “Made for Me” at the Soul Train Awards. A user dubbed “Blue Pajama Girl” has turned the song into a viral dance challenge on TikTok. 

Youth Tech & Social Media Insights

Key Study Spotlight: “An Artificial Therapist (Manage Your Life Online) to Support the Mental Health of Youth: Co-Design and Case Series”

Most participants (aged 16-24) had a positive experience using Manage Your Life Online (MYLO) and found it easy to use, with high usability ratingsMYLO effectively adapted its questioning based on user input, resulting in a significant decrease in problem-related distress and improved self-reported conflict resolution tendencies, suggesting its potential as a valuable tool for users in managing their mental health.

Risky Business: Sugar Moms/Dads

Sugar moms/dads are defined as the people who solicit things from younger individuals in return for money. The National Library of Medicine illustrates the dangerous intentions of these people and illustrates that youth should automatically block any and all accounts these messages are sent from.

Dating Violence & Mental Health

Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Response w/ SafeBAE

Discover groundbreaking strategies in teen dating violence prevention with SafeBAE. This insightful session for educators, students, and parents highlights the critical link between dating violence and teen mental health, drawing on findings from the CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Participants will explore SafeBAE's innovative resources, including their comprehensive educational materials, alternative justice solutions, and free youth programs, all aimed at creating safer school environments. Register for this FREE event here.

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Kim Karr

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