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The 2023 PAMLE State Conference was another great event! Thanks to all the organizers, presenters, exhibitors, sponsors, the Crowne Plaza and, most importantly, the attendees for their support of PAMLE and middle level students. You can view all the happenings at PAMLE 2023 here on the conference photos page.

If you have not done so already, please make sure to take a moment to complete the conference evaluation form in order to receive Act 48 credit.

As your school plans its budget for the 2023-24 school year, consider funding for attendance at the Pennsylvania Association for Middle Level Education (PAMLE) state conference in 2024. The PAMLE conference, which is one of the few middle level specific conferences in the state, will be at the Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia February 24-26, 2024. This is a great professional development opportunity for your staff to reload and refresh their middle level best practices with practitioners from across the state. Information will be posted at

Jack Berckemeyer Webinar: 15 New Faces Of Young Adolescents

Are we seeing a change in adolescents? What new characteristics have emerged post Covid? Join us for a realistic and funny overview of the new attributes of 10-15 year olds. Jack Berckemeyer will share his insights on what he is seeing in middle schools all across the country and he will share ideas that are working for administrators and teachers. Check out this great webinar from friend of PAMLE, Jack Berckemeyer. You can view the recorded webinar here on the AMLE website.


PAMLE Webinars

We hope you enjoyed our recent PAMLE webinar. Starting the School Year Strong! Webinars are free to all participants with Act 48 hours available. Click here to apply for Act 48 credit. You can view this and all recorded webinars on the PAMLE YouTube Channel.

Middle School Vacancies

This listing is compiled from emails sent to PAMLE Board Members.

Resources From PAMLE

Check out these resources from AMLE and PAMLE. During this unprecedented time, educators are being asked to support their school communities while adapting to an entirely different way of teaching almost overnight. 

Upcoming events

Podcasts from Joe Pizzo

Listen to PAMLE presenter Joe Pizzo's two latest episode of his "We Have Issues" podcast. The first is an interview with literacy guru Dr. Sam Bommarito and the second is with literacy guru Dr. Tim Rasinski from Kent State University

Latest News

Legislative - Carol Watson

Betwixt and Between

The new issue (spring) of Betwixt and Between is now available on the PaPOMLE website. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the latest edition as well as previously published issues. It has many great articles for educators including some authored by a ML professor, a ML principal, and a ML teacher education candidate. 

And click here to find out how Betwixt & Between has recently expanded to reflect the voices of ALL stakeholders engaged in ML education! Although we will keep the formal research section, we are now offering new non-research calls for short essays (500-750 words) from ML teachers and ML students! Read more here.

Find out more About CMLA

The Collegiate Middle Level Association is a professional education organization for college students preparing to become middle level teachers. Some colleges and universities have a chapter you can join, or you can start one at your institution, or you can become a member of the chapter at-large if your program is very small. Check the AMLE website to learn about activities and opportunities available through CMLA. For even deeper involvement in the field of Middle Level Education in Pennsylvania, check out this opportunity to become the CMLA representative to the PAMLE State Board.


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