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Friends of Discovery Process Update

September 19, 2023 6:33 PM | Anonymous

With a new school year underway, I've got four bits of news to report.

1. My book Culture by Design - The Discovery Process as a New Way for Schools (Rowman Littlefield, 2023) is hot off the press and available on Amazon, Kindle, and on-line platforms. (Many of these on-line platforms are being made available as I write.) Any and all profits resulting from book sales this year will be poured back into the program. So, buy a book and help a school. (See Amazon link below)


2. We have introduced an individual sale option for the Discovery Process learning platform. Why? During many of the presentations I have given during the past couple of years, many teachers have approached me and said, "This is great, but my school district would never step away from convention to make a move like this." Such teachers can now purchase an annual subscription to all the learning content to share with their classes. (Annual Cost: $79.95) It is also an option for parents who want to follow along with what their children are doing in the Discovery Process.  FMI, go to www.hydeinstitute.org

3. On 9/11/Mon, I was interviewed by Rob Caldwell on the Maine 207 (Portland NBC affiliate) news program. Topic: School Culture. Following the airing date, our communications department wrote/assembled a press release that has since been shared with over 1500 news outlets in Canada and the USA.  Here's the link to that press release (including a link to the 5-minute interview):


4. I am pleased to report our partnership with the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (https://pacharters.org/). I will be speaking at their annual conference (10/3-5) in Lancaster, PA. Presentation Title: "The Secret Sauce of School Cultures."... Pennsylvania is home to 188 public charter schools across the state. Looking forward to interacting with them and exploring ways that the Discovery Process might enrich the cultures at their respective schools.

Finally, if you've got educator colleagues or friends who are all about culture in their schools, please connect me!    

Onward, Malcolm 

Malcolm W. Gauld - Executive Director
The HYDE Institute – Bath, ME
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