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Meet the Schools to Watch!

December 16, 2022 4:39 PM | Anonymous

Bruce, this is the first of a series of emails sharing the great school communities that make up the thriving National Schools to Watch network. 

If you spot a school near you with interesting programs, why not contact the principal to arrange a visit? Exchanging informal Schools to Watch tours offers one of the best ways for accomplished educators to keep learning and growing…and you’ll always find great ideas to replicate at your own site!

Today’s highlighted school is…

Elizabeth Forward Middle School

Elizabeth Forward Middle School is a vibrant, suburban campus located in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, with an enrollment of 450 students. Their top three programs include:

Personalized Learning
iPads and MacBooks allow teachers to personalize learning for all students. Students learn at their own pace along a personalized, adaptive pathway. Teachers use eSpark Learning to assign leveled resources that target standards and skills. They also use Canvas to build learning playlists and create mastery paths so students can engage with resources based on personal interests and ability levels. 

Enhancing Lessons with Technology
Augmented and virtual reality are used to bring lessons to life. Google Expeditions is integrated into all content areas, and students visit local senior citizen centers to lead residents through a variety of virtual reality expeditions. In terms of media, iMovie, GrageBand, and ChromeLab are tapped to create animated films and songs. One group of teachers even created a fun tutorial video for students demonstrating different cinematography techniques!

Innovative Spaces
The school also contains unique learning spaces. The Dream Factory combines three classes (art, technology education, and computer programming) into one cohesive, hands-on learning experience. In iCreate Studio, students craft videos using green-screen, recording, and editing technology. The SMALLab features a 3-D, mixed-reality learning environment where students engage body and mind to learn new, challenging subjects. Finally, the Energy Lab contains an interactive globe, augmented-reality elevation tables, and games that center on renewable energies.

Thanks to the educators at Elizabeth Forward Middle School for sharing the amazing learning environments they’ve built for their students!

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