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March Happenings at #ICANHELP

March 03, 2022 5:08 PM | Anonymous

March Happenings at #ICANHELP

Happy March! This month, we have several events for students and educators that focus on mental health and digital well-being. Sign up and engage with our growing community of digital citizens!

Join us on March 6th at 4 PM PST/6 PM CST/7 PM EST, as student panelists discuss zero discrimination, self-harm awareness, and mental wellness.

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Learn how to set healthy limits and boundaries. During this live webinar, we'll share practical tips for engaging with social media and digital technology. Our team will also walk through how to use our digital citizenship curriculum to empower students to create a positive and well-informed online presence.

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3 Tips to Improve Digital Media Literacy

Part of protecting your digital well-being is being able to distinguish between reality and fantasy online. Here are some tips to share with your students to help them become more critical consumers of digital and social media.

1. Before you begin reading, check to make sure the webpage is legitimate. Here's a great checklist to help.

2. Resist automatically clicking on the first few search results. Viral stories will lead the search engine results, but that doesn't mean they're true. Take time to find trusted sources.

3. Read laterally by checking the accuracy of the information across multiple articles and websites. After you've fact-checked, you can read the entire article.

Want more digital citizenship lessons and content? Check out some of our courses and curricula!

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